Do you use your billing reports?

Ambulance billing companies like Enhanced Management Services spend a lot of time and effort on producing reports that reflect the true performance of our clients’ billing programs.

The question we ask is; Do clients make full use of these reports?

Do you, as a billing client, really understand those reports? Are there too many reports or is there just too much information to digest? Do you really need all that information?

We’d like to know what you do with your reports once you receive them. If you are not an Enhanced client, does your company receive reliable reports (or any reports at all for that matter) from the billing company? Or, maybe your operation is in-house and if that’s the case, does your staff even understand how to generate reports that are of use to you?

Most ambulance company administrators don’t have the time or the energy to decipher the information provided. Are you one of those people? However, by not reading and making good use of those reports are you missing an opportunity to understand more about your service and the job that is being done everyday? Do you know if your service is progressing or just treading water?

These are important questions to reflect on. This is the reason why Enhanced has spent much time and resources working with our clients to help them understand their reports. In addition, we’re soon launching our new Client Access reporting feature where clients will now have the ability to log on via a secure web portal from our Internet site at any time that is convenient. This new client-driven access will give Enhanced clients the ability to call for the most frequently used reports that are most important to them, configure them to extract the data they need and then save them into a format that they will be able to use.

At Enhanced, our clients are “in the know” when it comes to their dollars and cents data.

Our question for you is…Do you have access to the data you need?

Tell us about your situation. If you are an existing Enhanced client, please share with us how you use your reports or tell us if you really don’t even look at them. We’d like to know.

If you are NOT an Enhanced client, tell us about your situation. Especially let us know if you’re interested in learning more about the Enhanced philosophy of providing the report information that you need.

Log on and comment today! We’re waiting to hear from you!

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