Priority 1: Compliance

Compliance is at the forefront of every undertaking at Quick Med Claims and compliance is practiced each day with every practice we perform and every claim we submit.


Unrivaled Customer Service

Quick Med Claims' (QMC) organizational framework properly unites its people and processes by putting our client partners at its core.


Delivering Positive Results

QMC brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise for its partners.

The QMC Experience

QMC is able to provide its Clients with the best experience in the industry. QMC commits the resources necessary to meet the objectives of each individual Client organization. We recognize that the needs of each Client are different.

Upcoming Events

Red Flag Rule Information
Last week Enhanced Management Services sent out an e-mail blast with information to help our clients begin to comply with
Do you use your billing reports?
Ambulance billing companies like Enhanced Management Services spend a lot of time and effort on producing reports that reflect the


Last month, QMC collected 84.5% of our net charges, I challenge other billing companies to match this high degree of performance. The town of Derry is extremely pleased with QMC and look forward to long, fruitful relationship.
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